Inspirational Women

A selection of inspirational women who have made a significant contribution to the world and society.

womenFlorence Nightingale. During the Crimean war worked as a nurse. Her time there and later statistical analysis of different treatments and hospital practises, helped to revolutionise the service of nursing.
womenMother Teresa . Nobel Prize winner for peace. Devoted life to serving poor and destitute in East and West, but especially in her adopted India.
avilaSt Teresa Avila. Spanish Mystic. St Teresa of Avila was a noted writer and mystic. She overcame many obstacles of a period coinciding with the Spanish inquisition. In a period when women were rarely heard in public, she helped found many new religious establishments.
womenJoan of Arc As a young girl, Joan of Arc helped change the fate of her country. She was an unlikely hero, coming from a poor peasant family, she managed to inspire the Dauphin of France and helped lead the French armies to victory over the English. Later she was burnt at the stake in a politically charged trail of ‘witchcraft’. This was later overturned and she became an inspiring symbol to all sections of French society.
womenAnnie Besant. Annie Besant was a real truth seeker. She began as a political activist in Victorian Britain. She helped striking matchgirls and striking docker gain better conditions and pay. She was an ardent supporter of free speech and often spoke out against the power of organised religion. She later developed an interest in the spiritual philosophy of Theosophy. She also campaigned for Indian independence and for a year was leader of the fledgling Indian National Congress (in 1917)
womenPrincess Diana One of the most famous and most photographed women of all time. Princess Diana also had a genuine sympathy for those facing difficult circumstances. She became involved in many charities and humanitarian campaigns, such as the campaign to ban land mines.
womenAnne Frank. Anne Frank wrote a moving account of her life hiding from the Nazi occupation. Tragically caught and sent on last train to Auschwitz, her diary inspired many people with its honesty and sincerity; she helped put a human story on the Holocaust statistics.
womenOprah Winfrey. American chat show host who frequently discusses a range of topics on self-improvement. Helped provide a role model for black American women and also transcended race to become an icon for the whole of American society.
womenBillie Jean King. One of the world’s greatest female tennis players. Also played a key role in helping gain greater equality for women.
womenEmily Dickinson Famous American poet, who wrote unique and spontaneous poetry. This influenced later modernist poets, but stands on its own for its poetic power and interest.

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