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Unless otherwise noted, biographies are written by Tejvan Pettinger.

About Tejvan Pettinger


I was born in Runnymede, London, UK in 1976. I studied at Menston Primary and Bradford Grammar School.

At university, I studied PPE (2:1) at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford University. During my PPE course (Politics, Philosophy and Economics), I specialised in:

  • British social history since 1870
  • International relations between the two world wars.
  • Political philosophy
  • Development economics.

I currently live in Oxford. I teach economics part-time and also work on another educational website,

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About Biography Online

Biography 0nline was founded by Tejvan Pettinger in 2004.

I founded Biography Online because:

A note about lists

I have made a number of lists, e.g.

I appreciate the order of these lists could be very different, and I may well have missed out many worth candidates.

  • I don’t aim to be fully comprehensive. See them as a good starting point.
  • Please don’t be offended if I have missed out your favourite person or have the order wrong. The site is a work in progress. I consider myself a student too – always learning about new people.
  • I also appreciate I have a certain bias towards British / American culture – because that is what I know about most. Hopefully, the site will become more comprehensive over time.
  • You are welcome to make suggestions for new biographies, but I can’t guarantee when I will have time to write them.

Notes about Biography Online

  • I use British-English typography. Spelling may be slightly different to US-English.
  • If you see anything that needs correcting, please let me know.


tejvan pettinger

Tejvan is also a cyclist and competes in UK cycle races.

  • 1st – UK National hill climb championship in 2013
  • 2nd – UK National 12 hour time trial championship 2016.
  • 3rd – UK National 100 mile TT championship 2014.
  • Cycling Uphill. Tejvan’s cycling blog
  • Uphill Struggle – Article at Oxford Today, the magazine of the University of Oxford.

Other sites by Tejvan

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