People who overcame failure

Some famous people who overcame failure:

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln is widely considered one of America’s greatest presidents. He oversaw a bitter civil war, where he strove to maintain the union and end slavery.

Yet, Lincoln failed many times before he succeeded. At every step of the life he had to overcome great difficulties.

Winston Churchill

Many may be surprised to know how many times Winston Churchill failed. During the First World War, he was in charge of the disastrous Dardanelles campaign which resulted in his resignation.

As Chancellor he presided over the disastrous economic policy of keeping Britain in the gold Standard which led to deflation and high unemployment. For much of the 1930s, Churchill was a loner in British politics, languishing on the back benches, he spoke frequently about the need to rearm and combat the growing Nazi menace, but the prospect of ever returning to government looked slim until the crisis of 1940, when he made a remarkable comeback to lead Great Britain in war.

Benjamin Franklin