J.K.Rowling Quotes

“I won’t say ‘never,’ but I have no plans to write an eighth book.”

“if there’s ever an eighth, it will be because ten years down the line I had a burning desire to do just one more, but I don’t presently think that will happen, However, I think I might write a kind of Harry Potter Encyclopaedia & give the royalties to charity so ACCEPT NO SUBSTITUTES!”

“I admire the people who go out when people still want more.”

“Well I think it is often the case that the biggest bullies take what they know to be their own defects, as they see it, and they put them right on someone else and then they try and destroy the other and that’s what Voldemort does.”

“We really are talking about someone who is incredibly power hungry. Racist, really. And what do those kinds of people do? They treat human life so lightly. I wanted to be accurate in that sense. My editor was shocked by the way the character was killed, which was very dismissive. That was entirely deliberate.”

“Will there be an eighth novel and will Harry be in it?” There are questions that I simply can’t answer. Fans are very good at that, and I have to be very awake. I think that you want to know but you don’t want to know as well. You would all like me to tell you exactly what happens in books six and seven and then to erase your memories so that you can read them. I know, because that is how I feel about things that I really enjoy. I would kind of like to do it, but at the same time I know that I would ruin it for everyone.”

Question: Is there more to Dudley than meets the eye?

”No. [Laughter]. What you see is what you get. I am happy to say that he is definitely a character without much back story. He is just Dudley. The next book, Half Blood Prince, is the least that you see of the Dursleys. You see them quite briefly. You see them a bit more in the final book, but you don’t get a lot of Dudley in book six—very few lines. I am sorry if there are Dudley fans out there, but I think you need to look at your priorities if it is Dudley that you are looking forward to.”

I am not trying to influence anyone into black magic. That is the very last thing I’d want to do.

I’ve always read to her, but it’s only very recently that I’ve started reading my books to her. And it was magical. I will never do a more important reading , not if I speak to a stadium full of people.

J. K. Rowling, on her daughter Jessica (ca. 1999-2000)

I don’t believe in the kind of magic in my books. But I do believe something very magical can happen when you read a good book.

I didn’t write with a target audience in mind. What excited me was how much I would enjoy writing about Harry. I never thought about writing for children — children’s books chose me. I think if it is a good book anyone will read it.

All I ever wanted was for somebody to publish Harry so I could go to bookshops and see it.

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