Did Emily Dickinson want her poems published?

To some extent, there is no certain answer to this. On the one hand, Emily Dickinson never made great efforts to have them published. But also, even her literary friends did not encourage her to publish her poems. It is worth remembering that her poetry was quite advanced and unique. It did not fit in with the medium and style of the day. After her death, she requested her poems to be destroyed. But, this request was ignored. Her family and publishers did feel obliged to alter some of her punctuation style in the hope this would make it more accessible.

Her poem “Success is counted Sweetest” suggests that lack of fame was a desirable thing.

Success is counted sweetest
By those who ne’er succeed.
To comprehend a nectar
Requires sorest need.

Not one of all the purple host
Who took the flag to-day
Can tell the definition,
So clear, of victory!

As he, defeated, dying,
On whose forbidden ear
The distant strains of triumph
Burst agonized and clear!