God vs Religion

What would God make of religion? Adherents of religion often make the claim that their religion is the only way to God. Poor God has so many conflicting religions – each claiming to be the only way to salvation. But, which religion did God really create?

God did not create the human religions, but, God did give man the opportunity to seek Him in a divine way.

Human Religion and Divine Religion

“There is a human religion and a divine religion. The human religion is a baseless self-aggrandisement. The human religion is a lifeless confidence. The divine religion is a constant God-proclamation from the very depth of the seeker’s heart. It is in the inmost recesses of his heart that a seeker proclaims God’s Reality, God’s Divinity, God’s Immortality. ” [1]

Sri Chinmoy

  • The human religion claims that other religions are false. The divine religion sees and feels that different religions are merely different branches of the same tree, and that the only real religion is the love of God.
  • At best, the human religion tolerates other religions, at worst it seeks to defeat others and assert its own supremacy. The divine Religion only seeks to offer its good will to the various paths – seeing and feeling the underlying unity in all religions.
  • The human religion is the song of ego. The divine religion is the song of oneness.
  • The human religion vainly tries to use a mask of divinity to disguise its own egoistic misconceptions. The Divine religion seeks only to surrender the human ego to the all liberating and illumining transcendental consciousness.
  • The human religion takes great joy in displaying its goodness to others. The divine religion cares nothing for the appreciation of the world. But, only seeks to please the inner pilot, the inner God.
  • The human religion teaches through fear. The divine religion teaches through love and love alone.
  • The human religion is practised once a week, sometimes less. The divine religion is lived and breathed every second of the day.
  • The human religion is often a dogmatic interpretation of ancient scriptures. The Divine religion is a quiet receptivity to the all-pervading and all-embracing Divine consciousness.
  • The human religion tries to remember by rote the phrases of the past. The Divine religion seeks to go beyond mere book learning to live and implement the sacred truths in the eternal now.
  • The human religion invariably judges and condemns the world. The Divine religion only accepts and loves the world.
  • The human religion says heaven is in the next world, the divine religion seeks to transform life into the Life Divine and create heaven here on earth.
  • The human religion tells us we must change other people. The Divine religion teaches us our only duty is to change ourself.
  • Human Religion is concerned with human morality. The Divine religion is concerned with becoming one with the Will of God.
  • Human religion is often an excuse for the shameless misdeeds of human pride, human jealousy and human egoism. Divine religion is a vehicle for the transformation of human consciousness.
  • The human religion is to be found is impressive temples and churches. The divine religion is to be found in our tiny than the tiniest sacred heart.
  • The human religion is eventually transformed into the divine religion. The Divine religion is eventually transformed into man’s eternal quest – the ‘Sat Chid Ananda’ – ‘Existence Consciousness Bliss’ of pure existence.

Citation: Pettinger, Tejvan. “God vs Religion”, Oxford, UK – www.biographyonline.net . Last updated 3rd August. 2014

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[1] ‘Philosophy, Religion And Spirituality’ – Excerpt from Fifty Freedom-Boats To One Golden Shore, Part 4 by Sri Chinmoy