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Various quotes from Joan of Arc (Jeanne d’Arc)


Note: these quotes come from the trial transcript. Her trial was little more than a show trial, her persecutors had decided in advance she must renounce all her voices and actions or burn at the stake. Her inner guidance advised her to answer the questions boldly.

  • Question at Trial: “Do you know if you are in the grace of God?”

“If I am not, may God place me there; if I am, may God so keep me. I should be the saddest in all the world if I knew that I were not in the grace of God. But if I were in a state of sin, do you think the Voice would come to me? I would that every one could hear the Voice as I hear it. I think I was about thirteen when it came to me for the first time.” – Joan of Arc

  • Question at Trial “Was it God who prescribed to you the dress of a man?”

“What concerns this dress is a small thing – less than nothing. I did not take it by the advice of any man in the world. I did not take this dress or do anything but by the command of Our Lord and of the Angels.” – Joan of Arc

  • Question at Trial “Which did you care for most, your banner or your sword?”

“Better, forty times better, my banner than my sword!” – Joan of Arc

  • Question at Trial “In what likeness did Saint Michael appear to you?”

“I did not see a crown: I know nothing of his dress.”

  • Question at Trial: “Was he naked?”

“Do you think God has not wherewithal to clothe him?”

“They do not order me to disobey the Church, but God must be served first.”

“One life is all we have and we live it as we believe in living it. But to sacrifice what you are and to live without belief, that is a fate more terrible than dying.”

“Of the love or hatred God has for the English, I know nothing, but I do know that they will all be thrown out of France, except those who die there.”

“I was thirteen when I had a Voice from God for my help and guidance. The first time that I heard this Voice, I was very much frightened; it was mid-day, in the summer, in my father’s garden. I had not fasted the day before. I heard this Voice to my right, towards the Church; rarely do I hear it without its being accompanied also by a light. This light comes from the same side as the Voice. Generally it is a great light. Since I came into France I have often heard this Voice.”

“You, men of England, who have no right to this Kingdom of France, the King of Heaven orders and notifies you through me, Joan the Maiden, to leave your fortresses and go back to your own country; or I will produce a clash of arms to be eternally remembered. And this is the third and last time I have written to you; I shall not write anything further.”

“You may well ask me some things on which I shall tell you the truth and some on which I shall not tell it you. If you were well informed about me, you would wish to have me out of your hands. I have done nothing except by revelation.”

“I will not answer you about that. I have revelations touching the King that I will not tell you.”

Quotes sourced from the trial of Joan of Arc

Other quotes by Joan of Arc

“Alas! that my body, clean and whole, never been corrupted, today must be consumed and burnt to ashes!”

– Joan of Arc. As quoted by Jean Toutmouille during the retrial after her execution (5 March 1449)

“You say that you are my judge. I do not know if you are! But I tell you that you must take good care not to judge me wrongly, because you will put yourself in great danger. I warn you, so that if God punishes you for it, I would have done my duty by telling you!”

– Joan of Arc – Jeanne’s warning to Bishop Cauchon (15 March 1431)


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