Fred Trueman

Fred Trueman has one of the best strike rates of any test bowler. On average his 300 test wickets came at a strike rate of one wicket every 49 balls. Few bowlers have a better rate.

Fred Trueman had a beautiful action and mesmerising speed. He played for his native Yorkshire and England in a career which spanned the post war period. He also had a typical Yorkshireman’s supreme self-confidence:

“Suggested title for his autobiography – The definitive volume on the finest bloody fast bowler that ever drew breath.:

– Fred Trueman

Fred Trueman was a Yorkshireman to the marrow. He played for Yorkshire County Cricket Club between 1949–68.

Outspoken, frank, he wore his heart on his sleeve. On innumerable occasions this got him into trouble with the selectors. He was left on the sidelines for the tour of Australia and South Africa when he was at the height of the game. He often criticised the cricketing establishment for elitism and snobbery. In turn, Trueman was often left out.

However, he was still able to hold the record for most wickets taken in test cricket.

  • 307 wickets (at an average of 21.57) in 67 Tests
  • World record was held from 15 March 1963 to 1 February 1976

After retirement, Fred Trueman found employment as an entertaining after-dinner speaker and as a commentator on the BBC Test Match Special. As in his career, he was blunt in his appraisal and could be withering of England’s failures. But, it was an entertaining insight and Trueman never beat about the bush.

We have a gaping hole in the England side because Botham has gone. People say Chris Lewis will take his place and I always say, ‘What, on the bus to the ground?’

Fred Trueman (1993)

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