David Gower Biography

David Gower (born 1 April 1957) – English cricketer and TV commentator

On form, David Gower was one of the most aesthetically pleasing batsman to watch. His timing could be perfect and he played at times with an effortless ease. He finished with over 8,000 runs, 18 test hundreds at an average of 44.

His style at the crease appeared cavalier, but, there were few more sights more pleasing than David effortless square cutting for four. He had a wonderfully graceful style, and when in form it was a joy to watch. But, his carefree attitude also had its flip side. He sometimes seemed to get out to careless shots – just as he should be settling in.

“At times Gower’s habit of getting out just when he ought to have been settling in may have frustrated fans and selectors, but in half-hour highlight-package terms he was worth a dozen Allan Borders and a hundred Geoffrey Boycotts.”

The Guardian on Gower.

He was made captain of England and in 1984-85 led to victory over India. He became one of the few England captain’s to lead England to regaining the Ashes over Australia in 1985.

However, in the series against West Indies in 1984 and 1985-86, he suffered the ignominy of losing 5-0

He was dropped from the England side – many say prematurely as his style conflicted with the more disciplinarian attitude of Graham Gooch the new England captain. David always had a reputation for being a laid back character, enjoying life as much as cricket. During the 1991 Ashes tour, he got into trouble for flying a Tiger moth during an England warm up game – without telling the management.