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Finances of Queen Elizabeth II

The wealth of Queen Elizabeth II is estimated at £310 million ($500m) as of April 2012, according to Sunday Times Rich List.

The wealth of Queen Elizabeth depends how it is measured. There are many assets in her name, which are actually held in trust for the whole nation. For example, her personal art collection, and property such as Sandringham House, Balmoral Castle — reputedly worth £160 million .

Her actual personal wealth she could sell is significantly lower. Royal officials don’t officialy comment on her wealth, though they have said accounts of multi-billion pounds is a gross over-exageration.

One report by Forbes, put her wealth at $10 billion.

Her personal art collection is worth at least £10 billion, but is held in trust for the nation, and cannot be sold.

Her wealth includes the control and ownership of the Duchy of Lancaster, which is valued at £310 million and transferred a private income to the Monarch of £9.811 million in 2006.

The Queen also technically owns the Crown Estate with holdings of £6 billion; however, the income of this is transferred to the Treasury in return for the civil list payments, and the legal effects of the Monarch reclaiming it and giving up civil list payments in exchange are unknown.

The Queen is the first royal to agree to pay income tax. She agreed to pay income tax in 1992

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