Last Moments of Princess Diana

Princess Diana died in a car crash on a Paris road travelling in a tunnel under the Place de l`alma. She was travelling with her current boyfriend Dodi Al Fayed. The car was being driven by Henri Paul who was later to have found to have drugs and alcohol in his blood system. The only person to survive the car crash was Diana’s bodyguard Trevor, Rees-Jones

The car was apparently being followed by paparazzi photographers no charges were ever brought against the pursuing photographers although there was a widespread condemnation of the actions of paparazzi as a result of the circumstances of Diana’s death.

It is speculated that Dodi Al Fayed would have encouraged his driver to speed recklessly in order to escape the photographers who were chasing. It was whilst attempting to overtake a slower car in front that the driver lost control of his car and spun into a concrete barrier at up to 60mph. The crash was very high impact and left the car a mangled wreck. The driver and Dodi died instantly, when the ambulance arrived on the scene Diana was still alive but died later in hospital.

The death of Princess Diana shocked the world and led to an unprecedented outpouring of grief. Many conspiracy theories about her death have circulated about her last moments. Some have claimed Dodi Al Fayed was ready to announce his engagement, although no proof has ever been offered for this.

Nevertheless, a full investigation was launched into Diana’s death. Nearly 10 years after her death in January 2007 came to the conclusion the original verdict was correct and in fact, the cause of the accident was a combination of excessive speeding and the influence of drugs on the driver Henri Paul.

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