The Greatest Britons List

A poll by the BBC, asked the nation, who they thought were the Greatest Britons.The winner was Winston Churchill. The other top 100 are also listed.

Top 10 Greatest Britons

1. Winston Churchill (28.1%)
british2. Isambard Kingdom Brunel (24.6%)
british3. Princess Diana (13.9%)
british4. Charles Darwin(6.9%)
british5. William Shakespeare (6.8%)
british6. Sir Isaac Newton (5.2%)
british7. Queen Elizabeth I (4.4%)
british8. John Lennon (4.2%)
british9. Horatio Nelson (3%)
british10. Oliver Cromwell (2.8%)

Top 100 Greatest Britons in alphabetical order

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Commentary on List

In a way, the BBC list would be better to be called ‘most famous Britons’. There is also an inevitable bias to those who lived recently.

From a personal perspective, I feel the Greatest 100 Britons should include great poets like John Keats and William Wordsworth.. Also, I would want to include some who epitomised certain events like the First World War; perhaps Vera Brittain and Wilfred Owen.

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  • How John Milton’s name has been left?

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